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A DÉCOR DESIGN kitchen is of lasting value. A true expression of individuality and personality and a real contribution to a better quality of life. It stands for power of innovation and contemporary aesthetics, based on principles of architecture and function. A pronounced love of detail and high flexibility, when fulfilling customer’s special requirements, make our kitchens unmistakable.

Genuine beauty is always in style. The aesthetics of a our kitchen do not rely on short lived trends. In fact, timeless class and spirit of the times have blended to form a harmonious overall concept. The product development exclusively inhouse, is based on the principles of ergonomics, functionality and sustainability. It is built on clean lines, a clear form language and the use of carefully selected materials.
Durable kitchens - ecologically recommended. The durability of a high quality kitchen is a decisive criterion for products which protect the environment. The use of ecologically safe and sustainable materials is a further aspect of conscientious thinking. Water based lacquering on a substantial part of surfaces. The use of reusable packaging. Reducing the waste diversity for simpler recycling. Certificates for a simpler waste recycling.
Dream kitchens for dream houses. Modern architecture, open living, the kitchen, centre of the house. The more sophisticated and ambitious the project, the higher the demand for individuality of the kitchen. Custom made specials and individual solutions are the art of manufacturing.
Industrial manufacture. Every kitchen is unique. Anything that is standard will be newly defined for every customer. In order to meet the complexity of the product, highly flexible production methods and the latest control technology are used. However, craftsmanship, know-how and the experience of the personnel in the production process is essential. A perfect interaction between man and machine.